Winter Haircare

Everyone always talks about how they switch their skincare routine up ready for winter but you hardly see anyone talk about switching up their haircare routine. 

I don’t know about you, but I really notice the difference in my hair with the changing seasons. As with my skincare, I find winter is not the time to experiment with lotions and potions as usually my skin (scalp and all) is pretty unpredictable. 

One thing I do is move away from volumizing products. Usually these dry out your scalp, I’m generalising here, so it probably isn’t good to use them throughout winter. I tend to go for more nourishing shampoos and conditioners which I definitely wouldn’t be able to do in the Summer. 

I also add oil or cream after washing my hair. Again, I would not be able to do this in the Summer but in the Winter I find it helps to keep my ends looking moisturised. 

The final thing I do is minimise heat! If I want to go for a wavey style I will usually French braid my hair the night before and I will achieve a beachy wave minus the heat damage. I usually use something like an invisibobble to tie this up too. 

I have put some of my favourite products below for Winter time.  

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