Winter Fashion Essentials

Hey Everyone,

It’s that time of year to get all cosy and let’s face it your wardrobe goes from heaps of colour to barely any colour.

Long Sleeved Tops

I have a million and one long sleeved tops that I can rely on each winter. My favourites are from Oasis they are so soft and will last you more than one winter.

Good Pair of Black Jeans

I always go to black in the winter – I can’t help it, it’s almost like an instinctive reaction to the darker weather. Having a good pair of black jeans will save you. It goes with everything and you will be comfy – win, win.


There is nothing like a good jumper. It is my absolute favourite thing about this time of year.


Over the knee or ankle either way my toes just get too cold in dollie shoes. When my boots come out to play I know it is officially winter.


Of course! I mean it took me a while but now I am in my scarf I constantly have it. I always buy scarfs that are like blankets so I am nice and cosy

That’s it from me…


T x


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