Why I’m Not Making New Years Resolutions

Christmas is sadly over and our tummies are full so now it is the time that people start to make New Years Resolutions. I usually sit down and have a think about what I would like to achieve for the next year. I will then base my NY resolutions on those achievements.

This year I’m done with NY resolutions! I’m setting goals! I always find NY resolutions only last so long and if they do stick they are more long-term goals anyway so I am starting my year how I mean to go on.

I think this realisation came to me all because of my bullet journal which you can read a little bit about here. It made me see that I rarely achieve my NY resolutions and i’m a pretty driven person. I realised there was something wrong with the way I was approaching it.

I find NY resolutions are the bigger picture for most people – “lose weight” but with no real thought behind it. These unachievable ‘goals’ are what always make me quit so this year I am setting myself achievable goals that I will actually feel proud of at the end of 2019, which you can also read about here.

So what are you doing this year? Sticking with the tradition or starting your own?

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