Weekend Getaway: Soho Farmhouse

As I write this in the sweaty London heat, I find myself praying that I was on that sun lounger in the middle of Oxfordshire feeling super zen and soaking up all the sun rays. 

Soho Farmhouse is a beautiful, quite escape from the city. You do have to book far in advance but for a quick getaway (especially when it’s sunny) it’s worth it. 

We went for a team-day so it was filled with chilling by the pool, everyone having cocktails (bar me as I was driving) and lots of laughter. The weather was absolutely stunning so we made the most of it as well as clay pigeon shooting first thing in the morning.

They have a Cowshed spa with many treatments on the list, this alone can fill up your day. I had one of the most relaxing and educational massages of my life. She told me where I hold tension in my body and how to solve this in the future. I felt thoroughly relaxed and have taken her advice away with me.

Once your treatment is over, you can then sit and drink tea or water before going back out to the main attractions. It gives you some much needed ‘me time’ especially if you are with a group of people. You get to sit in silence (or quiet) and just have some time to yourself.

We finished up the day by eating in Pen Yen, situated in the boathouse. It was a Japanese grill style cuisine and the food was absolutely beautiful! I also like the fact that the restaurant has an open-air feel to it. If you have a beautiful day like we did, you want to soak up as much sun as possible. We are Brits after all!  

The thing I liked the most was that you are not allowed to take pictures. We didn’t spend all day trying to think of good photo opportunities. We simple relaxed and lived in the moment. Now that’s a rare luxury these days! 

Have you been to Soho Farmhouse? Do you like it?

T x

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