The Wedding Edit: Choosing THE Dress

If you have been reading my wedding related blog posts you will be fully aware that I am trying to be super organised. To the point that some may say, and they have, that I am doing everything too early.

My dress was a decision that even I was wondering whether I made it too quickly. I thought wedding dress shopping would be endlessly wondering in and out of wedding dress shops and never finding exactly what I wanted.

So I went in to it early to ensure that I gave myself enough time to make the decision. I personally, think your wedding dress is one of the biggest decisions you will make about your wedding.

Well guess what, I found my dress on the first day! It was the last shop of four but it was first day! I tried on a variety of dresses and absolutely fell in love with my dress before I had even tried it. I saw it on Pinterest and knew that was it, have I mentioned i’m very decisive!

Once I tried it on, I knew exactly what amendments would make it my perfect dress and the tailor has agreed to make those amendments for me so viola, done.

Anyway now you’ve heard my story, let’s talk about the dos and don’ts of wedding dress shopping.

DO be firm

I don’t suit strapless, never have and never will. I was open about this from the beginning but the first wedding dress shop I went to the assistant was insistent on me trying a Vera Wang strapless. It was beautiful but I knew it wouldn’t suit me and I should have stood my ground. I ended up wasting time i didn’t really have with only an hour and a half to try on dresses and get myself to the next store.

DO leave yourself enough time

Speaking of not having much time, my appointments were on one day and one after the other. I have worked it out so we went straight from one to another with a short lunch break. I wouldn’t recommend this, by the time I got to the last shop I was tired and fed up. Try to spread your appointments out if possible.

DON’T take pictures

Honestly go on your feeling. I looked back at some of the dresses I thought I looked great in and because the lighting was shitty the pictures didn’t do it justice. SO, maybe take pictures if the lighting is good otherwise you may be stuck once you’ve had a look.

DON’T go off budget

I almost went to a shop that to be frank, I was never going to buy anything in. I want to look good but I was not willing to spend crazy amounts on a dress. I had paid the deposit before properly looking at prices and felt pressured in to going. I ended up cancelling this appointment and getting on deposit refunded and i’m so glad I didn’t go. If you try on a dress you can’t (or won’t) buy then there is no point in trying it on in the first place.

DO take a moment

I chose my dress in January but didn’t put a deposit down until a couple of days ago (May). I wanted to ensure I was sure and i’m glad I did. I didn’t go purposely looking for a new dress but I gave myself time to reflect on the one I had chosen and whether it was right for me. Turns out I loved it even more after that and now i’m so pleased I took some time.

DON’T be afraid to ask for amendments

I wondered whether you could amend a dress. Mine is ‘made to measure’ so will be specifically made to fit me which makes amendments easier. However, even if you happen to choose a made to order its still worth asking what can be done to the dress, it will just be aware that it will come at an extra cost.

That’s all from me, let me know if you have any other advice below

T x


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