The Wedding Edit: Choosing a Videographer

As someone who plans quite a few events a year, I know the importance of a good photographer and videographer. They can’t only be good at their job but you also have to gel with their personality. If you want to catch up on Choosing a photographer click here, if not, let’s move on to videographers.

I always find the best way to choose a videographer is through recommendation. We actually chose our videographers really quickly because we are using ones that we are working with on other projects. However, no matter how well you know your videographers it’s still vital to ask the important questions and of course get a contract!

Questions to ask:

  • How many weddings have you filmed? Do you have any videos to show?
  • What is your style?
  • What are your cancellation/refund policies?
  • If someone is out sick, what is your replacement plan?
  • How does your pricing work?
  • How long will it take to edit our video?
  • How do you back-up your footage?
  • How long do you keep the footage? (you may want to add more on after the wedding)
  • Are changes available once we see the first edit?
  • What music will you be using in the video?
  • Have you shot at our wedding venue?
  • Ask to look at the contract BEFORE confirming. Most of the answers will actually be in there.

Personally, I was thinking about putting clips of the wedding on Youtube as I have most of my life online and family all over the world. Therefore, I checked that my videographers would be happy with this in advance so we have no misunderstandings at the end.

Our videographers also offer a 1 minute clip suitable for Instagram. A lot of people do this these days but not everyone so if that is something you are looking for then double check before booking.

If you don’t even know where to start, Rock My Wedding has a great directory. I usually start there to get ideas of people and then I do further research.

I hope this has helped!

T x


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