Venice Adventures

A charming, romantic and beautiful city, Venice has everything to offer for a quick and easy romantic trip away.

We flew in to Treviso airport which is in-land, it was far cheaper but we obviously missed out on a quirky boat ride to Venice. Instead we jumped on a bus and took a 45 minute journey to the bus station. If possible I would recommend flying in to Marco Polo so you can experience getting a boat ride straight off the plane. If we ever go again, which i’m sure we will, I will definitely fly in to Marco Polo instead.

Venice is so small but surprisingly has a lot to do. We went for 3 days so we packed all our days out exploring and discovering Venice.

Saint Mark’s Basilica

We actually chose to admire Saint Mark’s Basilica from the outside as we didn’t really have time to queue to go inside. Even from a distance the architecture is absolutely breathtaking. If you would like to explore inside, you will need to book as the queues for this place were one of the worst. If you don’t mind giving it a miss, then go to the middle of the square and enjoy the view just like we did.

Doge’s Palace

We did this the day after we got engaged so i’m not going to lie, it was hot and I was in a fragile state! It was still really interesting and extremely beautiful. To make life easier we bought queue-jump tickets online¬†and walked straight in. I would highly recommend picking up the audio guides (5 euro each) to get the full experience and understand the beauty of Doge’s Palace and Venice.


I am going to do a full post on Burano as it is so beautiful but in a nutshell… It is a charming and colourful place – an Instagram dream really. Burano is a short boat ride away from Venice (20 euro for a day pass) and you can just walk around the island and take in all the vibrant colours. It is famous for lace so you will find many beautiful delicate designs in the various shops.


Again, a short boat ride away from Venice, Murano is famous for glass blowing. It has a similar small town vibe to Burano but not as colourful. If you do manage to get over to Murano make sure you catch some glass blowing. It is really interesting and something you can’t miss if you are there.

Out of the two Burano is worth going to, we only went to Murano as a short stop on the way home but I got the sense that there wasn’t a lot to do there so it wouldn’t be a huge mistake to pass on it.

The best advice I can give you is get lost! Venice is so beautiful and there is so much to see that just spending a day walking around without any maps or phones has a magical touch.

Venice will always have a special place in my heart due to it being the destination that we got engaged but I truly think I would have loved it regardless.

Have you been to Venice? Did you like it?


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