Things To Do in London: Psycle

Hey Everyone,

I recently took part in my first ever Psycle class, if you haven’t done Psycle before you really NEED to try it. It is one of those classes that you come out dripping with sweat (TMI) but you feel absolutely amazing, energised.

It is almost a mix between a spin class and a disco. Both classes I have been to have amazing playlists that make you want to get up and move. This of course makes life a whole lot easier in a spin class. The thing I love the most is that there are no clocks in the room. I am one of those people that hates working out while i’m doing it but once its done its all worth it. Having no clocks to watch makes my workout ten times easier because i’m not thinking about how long I have left every minute.

In the Pscyle class I have done, the instructor gives you 5 minutes to just ride and think about the good/bad parts of you life at the moment and just get your feeling out in that 5 minute window.

If you haven’t guessed already I am in love, it does have a big price tag but it is so worth it. I would thoroughly recommend.

Have you tried Psycle before? What did you think?


T x


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