Things To Do In London: Ariel Slings

Hey Everyone,

After Christmas, like everyone, I was feeling all that food and drink so thought why not start something fun that could trim me up a bit. After a little research I found Ariel Fitness.

There are many variations of this exercise but I do Ariel Slings. Apparently, this is the most ‘beginner appropriate’ and it is great if you haven’t quite got the strength yet. There is a little breakdown below from the Flying Fitness Website.

What is it?

Also known as hammock or swings, it is a great introduction to Aerial Fitness, providing excellent support whilst you concentrate on getting your arms and legs in the right place! For seasoned practitioners, the mastery lies in keeping a constant flow through transitions, especially whilst spinning, which could prove to be an extremely rewarding outcome.

Benefits of Ariel Slings

As with most of the aerial apparatus, your core is the focus whilst moving through the Aerial Slings, helping to improve both posture and stability. The Aerial Slings are also particularly adept at accessing and broadening your shoulders, making for a seemingly easy but challenging workout.


I absolutely loved it and my goodness I was aching for about 3 days after! If you want to burn fat i’m going to say this isn’t the best at that but it is great for strength training as well as┬ásomething fun (and different) to do.

As you can see from the picture below, I was no expert but it was quite relaxing just handing upside for a little while. Perfect after a stressful or busy day at work.

Ariel Slings

Have you tried it?


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