Things I Can’t Ski Without

In recent years skiing has become a regular occurrence for me. I absolutely love it and have become very particular as to what I need on the mountain. Don’t get me wrong some of these aren’t necessarily necessities but they do come in handy. Hopefully this will help any first timers.

Sweaty Betty

I have to say out of all the under-garments I have tried for skiing Sweaty Betty ones are by far the best. They are not only super comfortable but they are really stylish. 

Dr Lipp

This stuff is honestly a lifesaver when it comes to extreme weather conditions. I always take this on holiday whether it is a hot one or a cold one. You can now even get tinted balms if you fancy a little bit of colour on the lip. 


I love my Faux-Fur headband for when we stop off on the slopes. It can get pretty cold once you are sat down for a while so I like to bring some warm bits for the ‘beer stops’.

Sports Bra 

A good comfortable sports bra makes the world of difference. I have tried skiing in a proper bra and let me tell you it really isn’t the best feeling. Any excuse to wear a sports bra i’m there! 


I like to french braid my hair when skiing. I can then layer it with oils and do some ‘protective styling’ whilst I am on the slopes. Invisibobbles or small/thin hairbands are the best for me as I tend to find larger hair bobbles don’t stay in the hair throughout the day.

Hair Product

Talking of hair oil, there are a few different ones I tend to use. If my hair is particularly damaged I will use Olaplex No.3 to ensure my hair is getting the best treatment possible. Otherwise I will just try a number of different oils. 

I also take some little chocolate bars and a bottle of water for a little mountain energy break.

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