The Wedding Edit: Invites

I am not going to lie, wedding invites were one of the hardest things for me to sort. I wanted invites that looked nice when you first opened them but also didn’t absolutely break the bank. I wanted our guests to feel special when opening our invites whilst also knowing this will ultimately end of in their bins!

Therefore, the wedding invite search was extensive. I thought I would put down all the companies I looked in to and see if I can help some of you!


They have some beautiful designs on their website but can be on the more pricey-side. There are always great discounts going on so if your heart is set on a design then i’d wait for a good discount.


We actually did our save the dates on Zazzle. I wanted something that was quick and easy and pretty inexpensive which Zazzle was. save the dates were a waste in my mind but we had a few out of town guests and thought it was courteous to give them fair warning. Zazzle also have incredible offers at many points throughout the year so its worth taking full advantage of those too.

The Wedding Graphics UK

I found Joely on Etsy and she was the one who actually ended up doing our invites. She was a really reasonable price and was happy to amend the invites to suit my needs. I would thoroughly recommend her if you are looking for something more understated and simplistic.

Paperless Post

We considered having all our stuff electronic but unfortunately it posed a problem for some people so we couldn’t go ahead. If I could do it over, I would probably do the majority electronic and the rest paper invites. There were some incredible designs on paperless post and they also made the RSVP side of things so easy.

Wolf & Ink

For what we wanted again, Wolf & Ink, was a little out of what we were willing to spend. However, I did absolutely fall in love with some of the designs and definitely considered pushing the budget a bit further to accommodate them.

Paper Grace

Again, slightly out of our price range but my goodness there were some stunning designs on this website. I would 100% take a look even if it is just for inspiration as most ‘wedding styles’ are covered on here.

Where have you looked? Any brands popped out at you?

T x

Image taken from Papier


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