The Wedding Edit: Choosing your Bridetribe

I found choosing my bridesmaids really easy! That may be really annoying for those who are finding it a difficult decision, but it’s true. I have a select few people who have been there through thick and thin and I honestly couldn’t imagine getting married without them by my side.

There are however, a few points to note before choosing your bridesmaids. Some I actually followed through with, others I ignored and kind of regretted it. Here goes…

Don’t ask immediately

This was one of those things I skipped, completely, and just went straight to it. Like I said, I knew who I wanted by my side and although I probably should have took some time I didn’t at all.

Consider the size of your wedding

This was another one that I did not think about before choosing my bridesmaids. We have quite a small ceremony venue and I didn’t think about the size of my bridal party, which could possibly be considered large, for the size of the area.

Do you have to include family?

I’m going to be quite controversial and go with no. I have my sister and my partners sister in my bridal party but only because I wanted them there. I always think you need to surround yourself with people who love you and will make you feel at ease. Sometimes family members do the complete opposite, if this is the case for you, you absolutely do not need to have family in your bridal party. Just be aware this could cause issues but like all wedding-related decisions everyone will have an opinion so you may as well do what you want. There are plenty of other important jobs that siblings can take.

Roles and Responsibilities

This was one I did really think about. I knew I would need my most reliable and trust-worthy friends around me. Wedding planning can get really stressful and for short periods of time, all-consuming. I knew I would need a team, like they say it takes a village.

Most importantly, don’t over-think it. You will know who the right people are, just take your time and really think about who you love and couldn’t get married without.

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