The Right Way to Use Dry Shampoo

I am not going to lie Dry Shampoo is pretty much an essential in my book. Whether its to add some texture to my hair or just full on make it look clean, it is all over my house. I have mini dry shampoos in bags, medium sized bottles dotted around my house and even some extra large bottles. It’s fair to say I may be an addict. 

Working on a Dry Shampoo brand as taught me a lot. The white residue you get is not ‘normal’ if used correctly you shouldn’t be left in a puff of white smoke. Yes you may have a small amount of white residue in your hair but it should not be streaks! Here are my four tips to applying Dry Shampoo like a pro.

Shake the bottle – WELL

The majority of issues start from this step. People don’t shake the bottle enough or sometime not at all. You need to mix up that formula. As Outkast says – shake it like a Polaroid picture. Then you are ready to begin

Spray your roots

Section off your hair and then spray your roots. Try to keep the can around 30cm away from your roots. This stops an overload of white residue whilst making it easier to control the product.

Massage & brush

Massage the product in to your roots and brush the product through. The massage will bring texture to your roots and brushing it through reduces any residue. Instead of brushing, I think to tip my head up and shake my head. It adds extra volume when needed. 

Avoid touching your hair 

After you have used dry shampoo avoid running your fingers through your hair. It doesn’t feel particularly nice and all you will do is add more oil to your hair. The less you touch your hair the better, you can trust me on that.

I have put some of my favourite Dry Shampoos below. What is yours?

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