The Lowdown on Product Expiry Dates

I am so fortunate, I have my hands in a lot of beauty pots therefore I get to try a lot of products. As a beauty PR it is my job to try my clients in order to give a true reflection of the products. As a writer, here and on The Sybarite, I get to try many different lotions and potions for reviews.

This often means I lose track of expiry dates. I usually end up putting something on my face and then find I get an angry rash the next day. This actually happened recently which threw me in to a research frenzy because I suddenly realised I don’t know a lot about beauty products and expiry dates. I asked myself – is this even a thing or am I likely to have used up a product before it expires?

Let’s face it the backs of make-up/skincare don’t really tell you much about expiry!¬†After hours of trawling the internet, it most definitely is a thing so I thought I would breakdown my research to save you hours of scrolling! In a nutshell these seem to be the standard time frame for products…


Cleansers – 6 Months, this can vary depending on ingredients but I would judge it by the way it makes your skin feel. In my experience, when it is starting to go off it should warn you before it completely goes off. You may get rashes or blemishes so this is usually a sign that something in your routine needs to be changed.

Moisturisers & Serums – 3-12 Months, check the packaging, different ingredients in these things can shorten or lengthen a lifespan. 

Toners – 12-24 Months, again, dependent on ingredients but if stored correctly toners can have a pretty decent shelf-life and you probably will use it within 12 months. 

Suncream – 12 Months, tis stuff is mega important so I would try to stick to this rule even if you can’t stick to the others. 


Foundation – 6 Months – Year, I’m not going to lie i’ve had foundations much longer than this. I think it’s time for a foundation clean out! 

Lipstick, Liner or Glosses – 1 Year, I mean this is one I don’t stick to and actually would never have thought. I have so many lipsticks I couldn’t possibly use them within a year. Maybe that says more about my lipstick buying habit!

Brow Pencil or Eyeliner Pencil – Up to a year, I would judge this yourself because it really depends on how much you sharpen it and also the contact it has with sensitive areas i.e your eyes. 

Mascara – 3 Months, I would completely agree with this and it 100% pains me inside. My eyes are very sensitive so I HAVE to stick to this rule.

Blush & Powder Products – 2 Years, now that is what I like to hear!

Cream bronzers, blushers etc – 12 – 18 Months

I hope this helps.

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