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Hey Everyone,

Since going blonde over two years ago, my hair really hasn’t been the same. If you follow me you will know this all too well and I’m sure you will also know I have been trying to find products to combat the damage. I feel like I have tried everything under the sun and I am finally starting to get my hair back to normal.

The one product that did wonders for my hair was Olaplex No.3. This is an at-home treatment that you can leave in your hair over night to repair and restore damaged locks. It is really easy to do and doesn’t stay in your hair for days after. I have found that some oil-based products are so difficult to remove from the hair that it is almost defeating the point because you are having to wash your hair over and over.

The second part of my hair journey is realising your hair type. I have thin hair but alot of it! Therefore I have come to realise short styles are more manageable and using volumising shampoo has changed my hair. The down-side is that volumising shampoos can be quite drying so I ensure I use a more nourishing conditioner to balance it out.

A new addition to my hair care routine is the Windle & Moodie Invisible Day & Night Cream. It has a UV protector in it so I feel like I am doing something for my hair with little effort (my favourite type). The most important thing about this product for me is that it keeps my hair soft and prevents it from detangling, well not as much anyway! It does all this without compromising the styling process. A lot of products that work in a similar way make it so hard to style my hair because it is so soft everything just drops out.

What do you use to keep your hair looking amazing?


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