The Fitness Edit: 1Rebel Rumble

A few weeks ago I spoke about the Reshape class at 1Rebel, if you want to know more read all about it here. After falling in love with Reshape, I decided to try some of the other classes.

Rumble was next up on the list. A class that mixes boxing technique with cardio for a fun and energising workout.

As with all 1Rebel classes, you have an energetic teacher to push your through and some pretty tough elements that ensure you push your limits.

If it is your first class, try it out and see what you think. If you are going in for a second go I would suggest buying wraps. You can rent wraps but they get a little smelly which leaves your hands feeling gross after class. I had wraps anyway but if I forget them I definitely notice the difference.

I would say this class is a lot tamer than reshape. If you want to be absolutely whipped in to shape go to a reshape class. If you want a stress relief with some good fitness in there then Rumble is your class.

You leave the class feeling like you’ve had a good workout, energised and stress-free without feeling you are ready to collapse.

Have you tried this class? What do you think?

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