The Fitness Edit: 1Rebel Reshape

Exercise classes have the ability to fill me with dread. However, I know that without fail I will always feel amazing after.

Fancy a class that kicks your ass, but you feel incredible after? This could be the one… Reshape at 1Rebel has been around for a little while but when I tried it a couple of weeks ago I fell in love with it. Okay, not the class itself but the way I felt after.

It is a no-bullsh*t, pretty hard core class incorporating box work (with weights) and treadmills. The class is split in to two with half your time doing various weighted routines and half your time climbing or sprinting on the treadmill. Each class is different but you are guaranteed to sweat like no other.

I am not going to lie it is HARD WORK but you come out feeling amazing and like you have achieved something. Everyone is really nice and help you work harder to achieve a new goal every time. On a Friday you are even greeted with a cheeky prosecco after class so you can do your workout and then get straight in to the weekend vibe.

Have you been to 1Rebel and tried Reshape? What did you think?

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