The Fitness Edit: 1Rebel Rumble

A few weeks ago I spoke about the Reshape class at 1Rebel, if you want to know more read all about it here. After falling in love with Reshape, I decided to try some of… View Post

The Fitness Edit: 1Rebel Reshape

Exercise classes have the ability to fill me with dread. However, I know that without fail I will always feel amazing after. Fancy a class that kicks your ass, but you feel incredible after? This… View Post

Float like a butterfly, Sting like a bee

Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee… That famous saying from the legend himself, Mohammed Ali. I must say I felt the appeal when I took a dive in to the world of boxing… View Post

30 Days of Yoga

Hey Everyone, Throughout January I took part in Adrienne’s 30 days of yoga. As someone who only did yoga once or twice before this, I wanted to share my experience. Body Obviously my body clearly… View Post

Things To Do in London: Psycle

Hey Everyone, I recently took part in my first ever Psycle class, if you haven’t done Psycle before you really NEED to try it. It is one of those classes that you come out dripping… View Post

Things To Do In London: Ariel Slings

Hey Everyone, After Christmas, like everyone, I was feeling all that food and drink so thought why not start something fun that could trim me up a bit. After a little research I found Ariel… View Post