Summer Fashion Essentials

Summer is that time of the year when everyone seems happy and the trips to the pub become more frequent. You always need to be ready for any occassion so here are four things you should always have on you in Summer.


Do I need to explain. In England getting the wear a summer dress is a luxury so as soon as it gets warm I use every excuse under that beautiful sun to get a dress on. I try to go with something super light so I can add layers if I get cold.

Open Toe Shoes

This can be every girls worst nightmare if it isn’t matched with a pedicure or at least a lick of paint on those nails. There is absolutely no denying that Open Toe Shoes keep you cool and look really lovely with a cute summer dress. If you want to add some glam go for a wedge but for extra chill vibes try slides (not everyones cup of tea).


Not that you will need it to cover up during the day, but this can be a nice addition if you want to cover your skin from the sun or get a bit chilly after dark.

Statement Sunnies

If you can’t wear sunglasses when the tiniest bit of sunshine comes on show I don’t know when you can! I like to whip out my most outrageous and extra glasses in the sunshine.

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