Review: StylPro Brush Cleaner

Cleaning my makeup brushes is such a pain to me. It’s one of those jobs I will avoid until I really have to just get on with it. 

I have wanted to try the StylPro for absolutely ages but never got round to getting one. However, I was recently lucky enough to be sent the StylPro to try out.

Many people have said it, but I completely back it up. This tool is a game-changing. Your brushes are clean and dry within seconds. Meaning no more standing over the sink for ages cleaning brush after brush. You can get away with cleaning your brushes as a quick task instead of having to set out time to do so!

There are only three parts so it won’t eat in to your storage space. The bowl, brush holders and the tool itself. It comes with two packets of the cleanser but after that I would highly recommend buying more.

However, I tried it with the cleanser which worked perfectly. Then I tried it with Soap & Water, it still worked but my brush wasn’t completely clean. If you aren’t willing to buy the StylPro cleanser which comes in around £10 for 150ml then I wouldn’t bother with this. If you are, it is the best purchase you will make. It not only saves times but also leaves everything sparkly clean with zero effort. What more could you want? 

What were your thoughts?

T x


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