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As you all may know by now, I am a Beauty PR so as soon as I saw Alessandra Steinherr had released a skincare collection with Primark I had to try a few bits.

I picked up three products: the Moisture-Locking Everyday Moisturiser, Maximum Moisture Supreme Sheet Mask and the Plump & Glow Power Mask.

Maximum Moisture – Moisture-Locking Everyday Moisturiser

Coming in to Winter and colder weather I thought this would be perfect for my always thirsty skin. The texture is super thick and almost waxy when applied to the skin. However, it doesn’t sit on the skin and it actually makes your skin feel supple. I was pretty impressed for the price tag but wouldn’t say it was an absolute must have.

£5 for 75ml it is a reasonable price especially for skincare. 

Maximum Moisture – Supreme Sheet Mask 

Everyone loves a good sheet mask for Sunday pampering. This one contains Glycerin, Amino acid and Lotus flower extract. This is the product that I wanted to like the most as I am an absolute sucker for a good sheet mask. However, I was really disappointed. It came out feeling bitty and gloopy and then all felt hydrating when it was on my face. As soon as it was peeled off my face I no longer felt hydrated and my skin had a weird film over it. I was not a fan at all.

£3 for one sheet mask 

Plump & Glow – The Power Mask 

This mask is a two-step mask to refresh your skin and get back that glow. My experience with the moisture mask then made me nervous and reluctant to try this mask. My beauty curiosity got the most of me so I gave this a go before make-up. Again, I was very disappointed by this mask and probably wouldn’t purchase it again. 

Overall, I was pretty under whelmed with this range. Don’t get me wrong, for this price tag, I didn’t expect intricate science but I did think that it would be better than it was. I haven’t tried a lot from Primark in terms of skincare and make-up so maybe I was expecting too much. 

Have you tried anything? What did you think?

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