Rented Properties and Making it look yours!

Since moving home I have become a little bit of a interior designer obsessive. I have wanted to get the perfect look – don’t get me wrong I have loved some of the houses I have rented but this one is just perfect! Being a new build I immediately felt like it was a blank canvas that I could do whatever I wanted with (within reason because it is a rented property).

If you live in a rented property you will know that it can be frustrating to have so many restrictions but you can still make the place your own! After living in rented properties for around 8 years I feel like I am perfecting the art of making it your own without making too much work for yourself when it comes to leaving.

Here’s how…

Stay Light & Bright

I keep my furniture light to ensure the rooms look bigger. It also means that there is no solid colour scheme in any room. I can always switch it up if I get bored or no longer like things.




In our old flat I didn’t have a lot of flowers or plants, this is the polar-opposite in this place. It makes me feel like theres life and adds some subtle colour. Living in London, it also makes it feel like my area of peace and calm.

Add Splashes of Colour

On the above point, you don’t want your home to look too clinical so use furniture and art to add splashes of colour.


Most of my place is Ikea furniture. We needed a lot of furniture and couldn’t afford to go to really nice places to get it. Ikea did the job and did it well. I just switch things up a little. For example. on our Ikea coffee table I bought draw knobs that matched our cushions to make it a tad personal.

What have you done to rented properties to make them your own?

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