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Hey Everyone,

2018 has been the year of focusing on my health for me. Since January I have been refined sugar-free. Yes I’ve slipped on the odd occasion, I’m human, but I have learnt some tips and tricks along the way.

Without telling you the whole story and being here forever, I have had a few aches and pains, as all of us do, and had to go for some scans. Once I know what’s wrong I’m sure I will share more but for now let’s leave it there. Anyway, in my scan I was told that cutting sugar may be effective to my overall health.

As someone who stuffed their face with biscuits at work and drank A LOT of sugary drinks I knew this was going to be difficult. Did you know there is sugar in pretty much everything that is ready made. I even found it difficult to find sugar-free versions of food that seemed healthy. Here are a few switches that I found helpful at first.

Tinned Tomatoes

Tinned Tomatoes can contain refined sugar depending on the brand that you buy. If you don’t want to walk around your supermarket checking every item you pick up I suggest making your own. It’s only adds about 5 minutes on to your cooking time especially if you have a blender. Just pop fresh tomatoes, thyme, bay leaves and 1/4-1/2 an onion in the blender and blitz it all together.


I was a huge chocolate eater and actually really dislike dark chocolate. I switched to raw chocolate for those days that I really need something but actually making this switch has pretty much curbed my craving for chocolate.

Load on the spices

I only ever used packet spices when cooking before I became sugar-free. It was quick and easy but now I find I am experimenting with lots of different spices. I would suggest loading up on some keys spices such as cumin, chilli and oregano so you can bring some flavour to your food. Things can get pretty bland without them!


Nuts will be your new best friend. They are a great snack so just carry around a little bag of nuts for when you get peckish.

If you are thinking of going sugar-free I hope these switches help. I would like to take you guys on this journey so let me know what you want to see and I can get some more posts up.


T x


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