Bringing Sparkle Back

Cleaning engagement or wedding rings is something that no-one ever thinks about. I always thought it was something that had to be done professionally maybe once a year. I have been engaged for about 4 months now and I noticed my ring didn’t look as sparkly as when I first got it. Obviously!

Don’t get me wrong it is still beautifully sparkly but because it is so stunning I am determined to give it the TLC it needs to stay that beautiful.

I have started to clean my ring every couple of weeks. I wear a lot of lotions and potions and naughtily don’t take my ring off to apply them. I find it gets a bit mucky so to avoid build-up I thought every couple of weeks was a good amount of time. 

Now to the cleaning part, I just make up a dish of warm water and washing up liquid. I leave my ring to soak for about 30 minutes in there and then brush it gently with a soft toothbrush. The soak itself usually does the job but the toothbrush is for tougher dirt. Once it’s clean I run it under the tap and then dry it with a towel. viola! 

 I haven’t found a better, yet safe, way to clean my ring yet so any suggests please go right ahead and give them to me. 

T x 


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