Product Spotlight: iMac

Hey Everyone,

My September product spotlight is so easy that I actually can’t type as fast as my brain wants me to. I invested in something I have wanted for a good 7 or 8 years now – a iMac.

If you want a have a full product review this is not the place to go but I can say whole heartedly that I do absolutely love my iMac. As I said, it is something I have wanted for a long time and with my blogging becoming more regular I wanted a space for me to be creative. I am working on getting my desk space exactly how I want it (& no doubt I will show you once I have it just right) but for now I am just in my little bubble with my iMac.

I find blogging so much easier, now I have a place for me, that I can go to write my posts with no interuptions. It almost feels like a work environment; I am more productive, leaving me more time to go and enjoy myself. As much as I love writing posts it was beginning to feel like I had no line. I now use my laptop for personal bits and bobs and my iMac for blogging and youtube. Hopefully my content will get better for you guys – I’m working on it.

That’s it from me…


T x


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