Pole Fitness

I am lucky enough, with my line of work, that I get to do some really cool things that I probably wouldn’t do otherwise. Recently we attended a Pole Fitness class for one of the brands I look after.

Let me tell you, Pole Fitness is no joke! It is difficult but can be a real laugh if you are doing it with people you know. We did it with Pole Sport London and ended up completing what most people would learn in 5 weeks within an hour!

If you are wanting some serious muscles I would definitely recommend a pole class. We took turns and I still ended up aching the day after. It works your whole body and gives you a mood boost. 

This is also a great activity if you are looking for something to do for a hen party!

I am not going to lie I probably wouldn’t do this again, but it was a good laugh and something different to spice things up a bit and get me out of my routine.

Have you tried Pole? What did you think?

T x


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