Places to eat in London: Shoryu Ramen, Shoreditch

Hey Everyone,

Being a North London Girl now, I have the opportunity to go to some really cool places to eat. Recently, I tried Shoryu Ramen in Shoreditch; this restaurant is situated all around London so if you don’t live North there will probably be one closer to you. This particular one is located right by Old Street Station; a great little spot stop off if you love Ramen and are passing through Shoreditch.

It’s a really small restaurant, and when I say small I’m really not exaggerating. There wasn’t a lot of space to move about but as a Ramen ‘bar’ it didn’t really matter too much as you usually wouldn’t get a lot of different dishes. The lack of space also adds to the busy, city atmosphere. It really isn’t one of those places that you would sit and talk for hours; its more of a – get a bite and then go. The staff were really friendly and help you navigate the menu if you are a newbie when it comes to Ramen.

The food was incredible; light yet filling and packed with flavour. We had Octopus balls and prawn tempura to start which were filling in themselves; I probably could have stopped there. But no, we of course had Ramen as our main course. As someone who isn’t a big Ramen eater, I was surprised at how filling the dish actually was. I expected to leave the place still hungry but in fact, I left satisfied and not feeling like I needed to be rolled to the station.

Have you ever been to Shoryu Ramen? What are your thoughts?

Do you like Ramen? Is there anywhere else you would recommend?


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