Wedding Chat: Picking Your Wedding Venue

Wedding venues can be overwhelming. Abroad or At Home? Barn or Hotel? It can be really hard especially if you are being tugged in all directions! 

I thought I had chosen my location before I was even engaged. I am one of those people that knew the sort of wedding I wanted from the beginning and my other half is pretty happy to just go along with my style (I am very lucky!)

After our engagement, and realising how many guests we actually had, my perfect location wasn’t suitable anymore. It was back to the drawing board and I needed to find somewhere that was beautiful but suited our needs. I have done just that and i’m so glad that we are getting married where we are now but here is how I did it… 

How to start:

I downloaded Bridebook which has made wedding planning but especially venue searching a whole lot easier for me. You can instantly see how many guests a venue holds and a rough estimate of the price (as shown below). It tells you if that venue is in your shortlist and if you have already contacted them. Believe me, you forget who you have contacted in the end. 

We have a few non-negotiable elements for our wedding. Every couple has them and they are different for everyone but find out what that is before venue searching. You can then ask the right questions…

Questions to ask:

  • How long can the venue be provisionally held for?
  • What is the deposit and when will it need to be paid by?
  • Payment dates once the venue is booked?
  • Is the venue licensed for civil ceremonies? (if you aren’t getting married in a church) 
  • Are there any decoration restrictions?
  • Is there a corkage fee? and bar prices?

I mean the list could go on but thats a little flavour of the questions that need to be asked in my books. If you want me to do a full blog post on all the questions then let me know!

Next came looking at venues. I wasn’t prepared to see every venue on the earth so I chose my top two and started there. I booked in visits and went on my merry way. I was lucky (or stupid, but lets hope its lucky) and realised I loved my first venue. I didn’t see the point in wasting mine or my partners precious time traipsing around venue after venue. We made the decision and held our date.  I made sure I had the deposit before venue searching so I knew I could make a decision and move forward pretty quickly. Our venue only had a week provisional booking so i’m glad I did this in the end. 

That was pretty much it! I pride myself in being pretty decisive so my process may seem quick for some. The important thing is to be sure. This is your wedding day so you should be able to see yourself getting married in that venue, if you can’t, it’s not the right one?

Any venue advice? How long did it take you to find your venue?

T x 


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