Pack Like A Pro

Packing can be a menial task. As someone who lived aboard with regular trips back to the UK, i’ve had years to master my packing technique. Granted, it doesn’t always go to plan but most of the time I find everything gets in and I still have a bit of weight left over. So here is how to pack like a pro.


I am a list person. It makes me feel focused in every task that I complete. The easiest way to pack for me is prepare a list of things I need well in advance. This means that I can leave the actual packing to the last minute and I don’t have suitcases lying around my already space conscious flat. 


Rolling your clothes can save a lot of space. I am one of those people that over packs so this has helped me squeeze everything in on many occasions. It doesn’t do much for creasing but most hotel rooms have an iron so thats fine! It’s all about getting it there. 

Wear heavy items

If I am taking heavy items like boots abroad I tend to wear them on the plane. Even the most experienced packer can not get away from weight restrictions!

Light Colours 

Turn all your light coloured clothes inside out. No matter how hard you try your suitcase gets thrown around so don’t risk getting stains or marks on your light clothes. If you fold them inside out the marks will be on the inside.

What are your best packing tips! 

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