Night Time Rituals

Getting in to bed is one of my favourite things to do. There is no feeling like taking the weight off your feet and snuggling in. As I get older, I am finding my night time routine is becoming very specific. I’m finally reaching a point that I feel happy with so I wanted to share it with you.


This is a sign to anyone staying over that I am winding down for the evening. At the very least I will cleanse and moisturise but if I do the full shabang … well you can watch it here.

Peppermint Tea 

I always have a peppermint tea whilst I am in bed getting ready to sleep. The warmth helps me feel tired and the peppermint is known to be good for digestion and the immune system. I personally just like it but these added benefits are just a bonus. 


My bedside table has hand cream, foot cream and lip balm so I try to do all three every night. I will do my hands and lips without fail because I have fake nails and super dry lips so they need to the TLC.

To Do Lists 

If I know I have a particularly busy day the next day I will just write a small to do list. Nothing too overwhelming but just enough to ensure everything is down on paper and I don’t spend the night dreaming about my tasks for the following day.


If I am finding it really difficult to get to sleep I will put some calming music on Spotify. At the moment I am really liking music to help with meditation. i find it calms me if my mind is racing and makes me tired.

What is your night time rituals?

T x


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