My Bullet Journal Experience

I am fairly new to Bullet Journalling but as the year draws to an end a lot of people start to get in to reflective/organisation mode so I wanted to let you know my experience with Bullet Journalling in case anyone is about to start their own. 

If you want to know how to Bullet Journal I am not the one to teach you but there is an amazing youtube video below. I also purchased the book to use as a reference whenever I needed it but of course that isn’t needed you can find everything in the video. 

I love a good list but in the past I have found I will make a list and it will get lost somewhere whilst I am getting through it. This format of having all information in one place has made it so easy for me. 

I am now in a routine of creating my lists before I start my day and ensuring I have ticked all completed tasks before ending my day. It not only makes me feel like I have accomplished something but it also keeps me focused. I tend to have a million tasks going at a time which means nothing every gets fully done. This method allows me to focus on each task before moving on. 

As I am getting used to this method, I am creating pages that are personal to me. In the new year I am going to begin a gratitude log, I think this will help me stay focused on present moments. I did have ‘a line a day’ book but I found I was forgetting to write in it so I think doing a similar thing in my bullet journal will help.

I have also created budgets for everything I want to save for. Seeing the amount of money I have towards certain things on paper encourages me to keep saving and not spend so much. I have set it up with coloured bricks so I also have something fun to do when I have saved certain milestones whether that be £10 or £100. This has been especially helpful when it has come to the wedding spending because I forget how much I have actually saved. We have paid loads of deposits so you reach a point where you feel like you haven’t saved anything at all when in fact you have saved A LOT they are just acting as deposits.

Everyones bullet journal is set up differently as it is a very personal thing but I just like having everything in one space. I also use a dotted journal because I have found it a lot easier than doing this in a lined journal. I like to keep my journal as neat as possible so my mind doesn’t feel cluttered when looking at it. Many people use this as an artistic outlet but I have gone for a minimalist style to ensure I stay focused. I do not need to be spending hours making things look pretty. 

As my bullet journal is simple my supplies are pretty simple too. I have the bullet journal itself, a wallet ninja, which I use as a ruler (it fits in to the back of my journal nicely), and a ballpoint pen. I received a calligraphy pen as my secret santa gift so I am going to try using that as I want to practise my calligraphy skills. That is it! Easy and Simple.

If you are interested I can do a full video on my bullet journal for inspiration but like I said it is personal to your own needs. 

Have you tried bullet journalling? What did you think?

T x


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