Moon Milk – The cure to sleeping soundly?

Glow Moon Milk from Glowbar London

Moon Milk has taken over Instagram and Pinterest pages in recent months but what is it? and why is everyone suddenly obsessed with it?

Moon milk comes from Ayurvedic roots, with many of the key spices being prominent in this form of medicine. It is essentially, and simply, warm milk with a mix of spices. The spices are key to the outcomes Moon Milk is meant to have on your system.

Warm milk by itself encourages you to have a better sleep. When I was little my parents would always give me warm milk, and I remember giving my younger cousins the same. This usually meant that they would fall asleep and I could get back to watching Desperate Housewives!

The reason for this, dairy milk contains the amino acid Tryptophan which promotes sleep*. Along with the warming sensation, more often than not you will find it relaxes and calms you for your sleep state. 

In addition to the dairy milk itself, the spices within moon milk can also help to induce sleep. Spices such as Ashwagandha and Lavender are known for their calming effects.

In short, moon milk certainly looks pretty but won’t necessarily get your snoring immediately. However, along with good sleep hygiene you may find that a warm comforting beverage such as moon milk does just the trick for a sound night sleep. 

Would you try moon milk?

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