London: The Arkley

As the weather has picked up, I have found myself visiting more pubs for a Sunday outing. You’ve probably noticed that I have been popping some of my favourite finds up here every now and again.

The Arkley was one we came across when we were driving around looking for somewhere to go one Sunday. We found it completely by accident but I am so glad we did.

On a sunny day, this is a great pub to sit outside and eat a great meal. Its one of those pubs you just know you are going to eat amazing food no matter when you go.

You may remember I wrote about The Orange Tree, well they are owned by the same company therefore making the menus very similar. I would say that, I personally, think the food at The Arkley is better than the food at The Orange Tree.

The pub is situated on a main road so is pretty easy to spot and relatively easy to get to. It has a log fire which I can imagine can get pretty cosy in the Winter.

The food is absolutely delicious and the staff are not only friendly but really accommodating. It has such a relaxed vibe that you could end up being there all day and not even realising it. I mean, I think the pictures say it all really!

If you are ever in the Barnet area it is definitely worth a try.

T x

Please Note: All Images taken from The Arkley website


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