London: Psycle London – Yoga

Psycle is well known for their epic Ride classes which everyone absolutely loves. However, they have recently branched out in to a more calming class, Yoga.

I always think yoga is a great way to relax and unwind. When I saw that Psycle had a yoga class I had to try it.

I would say that this class is a little long. I like to get a yoga class done in my lunch break and the one time I went on my lunch break to this class I was gone well over an hour as the class overran. If you are doing this class with plenty of time then it doesn’t matter however if you are strapped for time I wouldn’t attend one of these classes as you can’t even keep an eye on the time and leave early.

The teacher was great, she was calming but also encouraged everyone to try new moves and step out of their comfort zone. By the end of the class I was at least trying a headstand which the thought of one used to terrify me.

Overall, I was pretty happy with the class but like I said I did think it was too long.

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