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Hey Everyone,

I have really been working hard on growing my Instagram following in recent months. My following isn’t huge so i’m not pretending it is. However, I have gained lots of follower by taking these tips on board.

Follow Like-Minded Instagrammers

Take an hour a day to have a look for new people you would like to follow. Usually when you follow and interact with people they will follow you back. Choosing people with a smilier Instagram feed will mean they are more likely to follow and interact with you as well.


There is no point following people if you don’t interact with them. Actually, I thin the majority of my re followers have come from interaction. People see you interacting with their friends and they check out your page and follow you. It takes time and it isn’t easy but it is so worth it in order to build a solid following.

Post consistently

People love routine, I try to post within the same hour 8-9pm everyday. I find that this is when my followers are most active and they know to expect something from me.


Using hashtags can get really annoying – I hate having to read through loads of hashtags to fish out the information I need. My advice, post your picture and the comment your hashtags. This way people don’t have to search through your a million hashtags to get the information they want. There are some good beauty hashtags here.


If you have the time and enjoy it, definitely make some short Instagram videos. I have found that my videos get the most likes and people engage with them more. Even a simple Boomerang seems to get more than a static photograph.

Tag Brands

Always tag all the brands you are using – chance is their following is much higher than yours so utilise that. After all you are promoting their product so they may want to use it on their own Instagram. There are even some makeup Instagram accounts that love to be tagged in your posts so have a little explore and find them. Getting reposted is what will help you gain the most followers so why not give it a go.

Any other suggestions you can give?

That’s it from me…


T x


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