Glowbar London

Instagram has forced businesses to rethink their whole strategy in order to get people through the doors. It’s strange how social media affects a lot of what we do now-a-days. It’s not just about good food and great hospitality anymore, you have to have the best Instagram opportunities in order to have a queue down the street. 

So many do it so well but the new kid on the Instagrammable destination block is Glowbar London . With infrared saunas, energy boosting elixirs and a cafe to die for, this is the go-to spot for most at the moment.

They brought moon milk to Londoners attention and have shelves full of elixirs that can help with all sorts. Situated in central London, it is a great place to  take a breath, go for a quiet coffee, sit and watch the world go by. 

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Images taken from Glowbar London 


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