The Wedding Edit: Favourite Wedding Dress Designers

Before I went wedding dress shopping I had a pretty clear idea of what I liked and didn’t like. I will do another post with any tips but for now this one is all about the designers.

I’m generally a very decisive person so I found it pretty easy to eliminate dresses without even trying them but with so many options out there it still can be overwhelming even if you are good at making decisions.

In the aim of trying to help, these are a few of my favourite designers when it comes to wedding attire.

Vera Wang

This wasn’t a designer that I actually looked at but I attended The Wedding Gallery as my first ever dress appointment and tried on a beautiful Vera Wang. However, it was strapless which I knew was a huge no-no for me. Its such a shame because the material was so flattering and I actually loved the feel of this dress it just wasn’t perfect for me!

Stephanie Allin

This designer has so many beautiful dresses, I had a list as long as my arm when I went in to her London store to try some on. There was one in particular that caught my eye but the thing I like about this designer is that you are able to make tweaks (albeit small) in order to make the dress your own. The ladies in the store are really helpful as well as suggested tweaks that would make the dresses more suited to my figure.

Sassi Holford

I actually met this designer at The National Wedding Show and she was so lovely and gave me lots of wedding dress advice which helped when I was looking for dresses. The dresses are so stunning but again none of them were perfect.


I really loved some of the dresses however when I tried them on I was not a fn of the material for a wedding. I do not want to feel uncomfortable in the slightest and I did in these dresses but I guess it is what your priorities are.

Milla Nova

Oh my goodess, some of these dresses were beautiful. I loved the more classic looks but they wouldn’t suit the style of wedding I am having and the time of year! I really liked that they were super affordable too, a great option if you are working to a tighter budget.

Hopefully if you are beginning your dress journey some of these suggestions will help.

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