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We all know by now, 2018 has been my fitness year. I have actually managed to keep it up! Amazing, right! Usually it has totally disappeared by now and i’ve piled on weight rather than lost. 

The thing that has kept me going is attending classes at amazing gyms across London. We are really fortunate to have some super fun and interesting classes in London. As much as I would love to be self-motivated when it comes to the gym i’m just not, and never will be. You would have seen a few 1Rebel posts and I also love Psycle. The new one to add to the list is Digme Fitness

I had never heard of this gym until one opened up around the corner from my work. I later found out that a friend was teaching there so of course I had to try it out.

The brand new gym was still a work in progress when I attended on opening week but you can see it will be a hit once everything is up and running. This is the first gym I have been to with unisex changing areas. It sounds scary but don’t completely panic, they have cubicles instead of communal areas. I quite liked this as you had complete privacy throughout the changing process. I will say after having a shower in the cubicle it gets a bit steamy and therefore quite hard to put skinny jeans on! I will move on and leave you with that image of my struggle!

I tried the Matrix class which incorporates treadmills, TRX and floor work to give your body an all over workout. You do 3 sets with each round finishing with something they call the dig round. It is a minute of pain – burpees were on the agenda, I was not best pleased. It was hard – I am not going to sit here and say it wasn’t but I did get that great exercise high after the class.

I am yet to try and Ride class with them so I will report back if it is worth the shout out! 

Have you tried Digme Fitness? What did you think?

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