Christmas Classic Twist: Nutella Hot Chocolate

Hey Everyone,

If you hadn’t guessed by the recent content – I have a little bit of a hot chocolate obsession. Once the weather gets cold I just think it’s the only drink that warms me up.

I made a spiked hot chocolate last time so I thought I would try something more child appropriate this time – Nutella Hot Chocolate. Who doesn’t love Nutella! I saw this on Pinterest and just had to try it out and then share it with you guys. It was incredible! Seriously indulgent and needless to say, very satisfying.

So here goes…


Nutella Hot Chocolate Ingredients:
  • Nutella
  • Double Cream
  • Semi-skimmed Milk
  • Whipped Cream

Start by warming the milk and cream in a pan. Simply add 3 or 4 spoons of Nutella (keep adding and tasting) and wait until the mixture has seamlessly melted. If this isn’t chocolatey enough for you and you have some hot chocolate powder just add a little bit for good measure. Once that’s all done pop it in a mug and put some Nutella in a bowl and microwave for a few seconds. Add the whip cream to the mug of hot chocolate and then drizzle the melted Nutella on the top! All done! You are ready to enjoy.

That’s it from me…


T x



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