Charlotte Street Hotel

Hey Everyone,

In my line of work this time of year is when it all calms down and you can finally get a chance to meet those people you have been speaking to over e-mails for months. That obviously means you get to experience the different types of dining London has to offer.

The Charlotte Street Hotel is conveniently based near Goodge Street station right near Oxford Street. This alone makes it the perfect place to conduct a meeting or have a beautiful breakfast/lunch en route to the shops. At this time of year especially it looks absolutely stunning and really got me in the Christmas mood, not that I needed a firm push.

It is a definite luxury as the prices are rather high but you feel like you have been thoroughly spoilt. The staff are friendly, although the service is a little slow so I wouldn’t go if you are in a rush!

I had Eggs Benedict which was absolutely lovely and of course a coffee because I am not alive until I have had coffee. We were all done and dusted after one hour – belly’s full and happy as Larry!

Have you tried the Charlotte Street Hotel? What are your thoughts?


T x


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