Flying High with Ariel Yoga

With every new year, people want to try new things. Before Christmas, I tried Ariel Yoga at Fly Fantastic for the very first time. As someone who fell back in love with yoga and pilates… View Post

Pole Fitness

I am lucky enough, with my line of work, that I get to do some really cool things that I probably wouldn’t do otherwise. Recently we attended a Pole Fitness class for one of the… View Post

The Fitness Edit: 1Rebel Rumble

A few weeks ago I spoke about the Reshape class at 1Rebel, if you want to know more read all about it here. After falling in love with Reshape, I decided to try some of… View Post

The Fitness Edit: 1Rebel Reshape

Exercise classes have the ability to fill me with dread. However, I know that without fail I will always feel amazing after. Fancy a class that kicks your ass, but you feel incredible after? This… View Post

30 Days of Yoga

Hey Everyone, Throughout January I took part in Adrienne’s 30 days of yoga. As someone who only did yoga once or twice before this, I wanted to share my experience. Body Obviously my body clearly… View Post