REN Skincare #GlowClean

Hey Everyone, A couple of weeks ago I went to the REN Skincare #GlowClean event which made me really want Spring for one because they had set the room out so beautifully. But most importantly,… View Post

Face Gym Pro

Hey Everyone, I recently wrote a post about Face Gym; a facial that works out your facial muscles to create a more sculpted look and drain fluid being held in your face. During the facials… View Post

A new kind of workout

Hey Everyone, Every year it’s the same; new year, new you! I get down to the gym and try my best to shed that winter chub. Well this year there’s something a little different on… View Post

How to: Jade Roller

Hey Everyone, I wanted to do this video because when I first bought my Jade Roller I struggled to know the best way to use it! They do have a little bit of a heavy… View Post