Burano, Venice

You may have read my Venice blog post when it went live about a week ago, if you haven’t check it out.

Burano, absolutely stole my heart, not only is it incredibly beautiful but it is so peaceful. Well, first thing in the morning when people aren’t taking pictures everywhere 🙂 It is only a short boat ride away from Venice which is another beautiful part of the trip. You get to see some of the waterline and explore other places should you miss to take a small detour.

The number one thing, I noticed, is that this place is Instagram heaven. The colours are beautiful and as many will agree, which makes it very instagrammable. I enjoyed just wondering around soaking in the sites and snapping some gorgeous pictures.

Well known for the creation of stunning lace, Burano has some of the most talented individuals that do the most delicate and intricate designs. There is no shortage of lace in Burano and if you want to know more you can pop in to the lace museum.

The three bridges is another location on Burano that is absolutely stunning. Situated in between all those colourful houses this is another great spot to grab some romantic pictures.

I loved just coming to this water ledge and sitting looking over the beautiful sea. Water has the ability to bring me to complete calmness. Never underestimate that feeling of stillness.

My favourite part of Burano was exploring all the back streets. Similar to Venice, the only advice I can give to you is get lost. Wonder around and soak in the sites at your own pace.

On that note, I will leave you with a few images to day dream over.


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