The Wedding Edit: Bridesmaid Duties

When planning a wedding it’s all so exciting and new that you want a group of close girls to share it with. I had chosen my bridesmaids before I’d even got engaged, I knew the girls I needed by my side on such a happy (and nerve racking) day.

The one thing I had no idea about was what a bridesmaid actually had to do. I have only been a bridesmaid when younger and my first adult bridesmaid debut is later this year so as an adult bridesmaid I have no clue.

Of course I hit the research angle because I’m not going to pretend I’m laid back and easy going when it comes to these things 🙂 I wanted to be super clear I wasn’t asking my bridesmaids to work ‘out of their remit’. Everybody has lives after all and the world doesn’t stop for wedding planning.

So I thought I’d relay my research for any brides-to-be or bridesmaids-to-be that need it.

The Hen Party

This is the biggest thing, in my eyes, that your bridesmaids should do. Plan the hen do and make sure everyone gets there! It is dependant on how you view hen parties but this can be a huge task or a relatively small undergoing. I would suggest organising a few games or buying some ‘bride’ accessories to help with getting the atmosphere right. 

Wedding Planning Assistance

Personally I haven’t really asked for my bridesmaids to be that involved. I talk things through with a few of them to get my head straight but I haven’t physically asked them to do anything (yet!) However, this part depends on the sort of wedding you are having, if your wedding is heavily DIY then you are probably going to need your bridesmaids to help a little. If it isn’t, I imagine their role will be more emotional support.

Be a support on the big day 

For me this is the most important one. I just wanted people who have loved and supported me through pretty much everything to be there and share it all with me. It helps if your bridesmaids have a little bride kit with pins etc just in case and also can let you know about make-up touch ups etc. 

Have fun and enjoy the reception

Weddings can be quite structured as there are certain things that need to be ticked off. Therefore, I know I will be relying on my crazy bridesmaids to be the life and soul of the party, like they always are. That’s what I love about them and crazy nights dancing are the best memories I have. Therefore, I personally, don’t expect my wedding day to be any different.

I hope this helps!

T x


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