Autumn Wardrobe Prep

Summer is over! Although we have had a really good run this year, I still am not prepared to pack away all my Summer clothes. In the name of ‘not letting go’, I am transitioning my wardrobe with these few essentials.


Whenever I transition in to my Autumn wardrobe tights become my best friend. If I am going to wear tights they have to be really dark so you can’t see my legs. Personally, I don’t like the look of skin under tights. Once you find the perfect pair, tights are a great way to still use your skirts while the weather is cooler. I am all about prolonging use of things before they get tucked under my bed for months! 

Over-the-knee boots

If you are not a fan of tights, over-the-knee boots cover most of your leg without having to wear them. You probably couldn’t get away with doing this in the dead of winter but while it is relatively mild this is a good trick.


I always have two levels of jumpers in my wardrobe. Autumn jumpers, which are warm but not super thick and then proper winter jumper. These are huge, fluffy and super warm. My winter jumpers don’t surface until it is super cold but the Autumn jumpers are great for in-between seasons. You can even put tops underneath on those days that it is really nippy.

Long-sleeved tops 

I am always stocked up on long-sleeved tops as it comes in to Autumn. Similar to tights, they are the best way to hold on to some Summer pieces. I usually put long tops under some short-sleeved dresses to keep me nice and warm.

Below are some Autumn bits that I am loving at the moment. What do you do to transition yourself in to Autumn? Do you just dive right in?

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