Amp up your skincare with less products


This year has been one of those years, I have blinked and the year has disappeared. My pretty tight skincare routine has become not so much of a routine anymore with late nights becoming regular.

Pay attention to what makes a difference

I tend to focus on the things I see as important when it comes to my skincare. That way if I am in a rush I at least get some skincare done. To me cleansing at least once is mega important! I will then use eye cream and moisturiser no matter what. All the bits in between are important to me but those three product change my skin dramatically. 

Drink lots of water

If I am drinking lots of water I don’t feel so bad that I have completely missed half of my skincare routine. Its cheaper and better for your overall health! I try to drink a pint of water before I have my morning coffee so I am kicking off my day in the correct way.

Eat well

It is the oldest trick in the book and possibly one of the hardest. This year has been the year I have kicked my own ass into gear when it comes to health. For a number of reasons, I was ready to get myself in to shape and feel better. I actually cut out sugar completely at the beginning of the year and I have never had so many compliments on my skin. As the sugar crept back in, I still ensure i’m eating plenty of greens so my skin doesn’t suffer too much. 


This is where I will lose a lot of people. No-one likes to exercise, it takes me a while to get myself in to a routine. It truly makes a difference, I haven’t exercised for a week while I am writing this and I feel sluggish, my skin isn’t so bright and i’m excited to drag myself to the gym first thing tomorrow. 

What do you do to improve your skin?

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