A Note To Me: 2018

WOW what a year! I had no idea how much my life would change when I came in to 2018. I never thought i’d be ending the year engaged to be married and with some really exciting prospects for 2019 and 2020. 

For those of you who are new to my blog (and me) here is a very quick round up of the year…

We started 2018 in France with my favourite people and surrounded by snow.

I completed a whole month of yoga and 3 months of not eating refined sugar! It was amazing I would absolutely recommend if you have the will power. I am going to attempt it again in 2019 but try and integrate it as a more permanent lifestyle choice. 

We went on an awesome skiing trip with my (now) mother and sister in law to be.

Went wedding dress shopping for one of my oldest friends big day which is in August 2019. I am a bridesmaid and taking my duties far more seriously than I should be 🙂 

Visited Venice, where I have wanted to go for so long, got a wicked tan and most importantly got engaged there! Read all about our trip to Venice here and here

Engagement – Rialto Bridge

Started the wedding process myself and, not going to lie, got a little bit stressed out and over-whelmed. Then realised it was like a year and a half away and I need to learn to chill 🙂

Visited Amsterdam for a quick weekend away which again I have wanted to do for so long! Read all about our trip to Amsterdam here.

Finished it up in France, skiing again, with my close family. Ate lots of food, had a laugh. There we are all getting blinded by the beautiful sun in our ski gear.

If 2018 has taught me anything it is to be present in the moment. I spent the first half of the year really focusing on my mental health and wellbeing and found that it made such a huge difference to my outlook on life. 

In 2017 I was constantly running myself in to the ground to create content or complete tasks that I look back now and I’m not even that proud of. From a content perspective, I was obsessed with numbers and finding out why my posts weren’t getting seen. I’ve been learning to let that go throughout 2018. It takes away from life and living it!

A note to me for 2019: So here is something to look back on in December 2019 when you are 6 months away from getting married and probably fretting over the perfect flowers and bridesmaid dresses. Who knows what else you will have on your plate by then but chill out! It’s easy to get caught in your bubble. Life is so much more than that, have a laugh with you favourite people and remember what you learnt in 2018! 

What have you learnt this year thats been valuable?

T x 


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