A new kind of workout

Hey Everyone,

Every year it’s the same; new year, new you! I get down to the gym and try my best to shed that winter chub. Well this year there’s something a little different on my mind. It’s still a workout but minimal effort (on my behalf), who doesn’t want that eh?

It’s all about Face Gym for me this year. In short, it is a workout for your face. I know, I was thinking exactly what you are – another year, another fad.

After speaking to the lovely founder, Inge Theron, I found myself actually questioning why I would go to the gym and work my body muscles and not do my face? You never think that you facial muscles need to work out and the amount of talking I do, my face should be having a good workout daily. I soon realised I have been overlooking a facial workout and that could be an important step in my daily routine.

As a beauty enthusiast I have most creams and potions that claim to keep your skin young and supple. Before my Facegym appointment, I never once thought about actually working the muscles in my face to keep them strong and avoid the dreaded sag.

The treatments are endless at Face Gym but I had the Signature Electrical; a quick round the face workout to life, tone and tighten. Followed by the unique Face Gym device which stimulates the muscles. If you want to see it in action, I showed it here.

My skin felt revitalised and I could see a slight difference in the contours of my face. I chose an oil, containing Mulled Wine, that suited my skin needs. My skin felt thoroughly nourished especially as the weather was so cold so my skin was in need of moisture. The workout itself, removed some of the puffiness in my face which was much needed. After Christmas this really will be much needed, i’m sure! I have started doing a ‘mini workout’ at home which has given me 5 minutes of ‘me time’. I also bought a derma roller from the Face Gym team so I can keep a regime up at home to reduce puffiness and improve skin texture.

What do you think? Will you try Face Gym?


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