Wedding Chat: 5 things to do after you get engaged

As you will know by now I recently got engaged. I am one of those people that gets carried away, as soon as something happens I have to have all the answers right now. As you can imagine, I have dived right in to wedding planning but I did ensure I was considering everyone when it come to announcing my engagement. I thought I would share some tips below.

Tell your loved ones

I did this within two hours or so. We chose to tell both our families and my bridesmaids. I then left it a few days before putting it on social media (and told my family and friends to do so too). I knew once it went up and everyone knew I wouldn’t get alone time for a while and I just wanted to spend time with my new fiancé especially as we were in Venice.

Officially announce your engagement

Nowadays social media is the most effective way to do this. It is a fast and easy way of telling everyone the great news!

Decide who will pay for the wedding and your budget

Always a tricky one. My only advice is be realistic. Ask both sets of support units if they would like to contribute but don’t make assumptions. I refused to move forward with any planning until I had a good idea of what I was working with. I plan events all the time with work, so I knew that the budget is the key to everything else. Once you’ve got a budget locked in then you can make everything else work.

Plan when you want to get married

My fiancé and I have chosen a two year engagement but you may want longer or less. Sometimes it is dependent on budget as well so choose something that works best for you. Ours was a pretty easy decision and one of the first things we decided on (like an hour after our engagement) as we wanted it to be two years from our engagement and on our anniversary.

Make a guestlist

This will be changing constantly, get the main people down and you will find once you start telling people there are some additions.

Do you have any other advice to share?

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