5 lessons I have learnt from my parents

Our parents, whether you want to admit it or not, shape us. Likes, dislikes, how we treat others and views of the world. I am fortunate enough to have learnt many lessons from my parents. They have allowed me to experience a lot in my lifetime so I thought why not give them a little hat tip. Here’s some important lessons that my parents have taught me.

Throw yourself in to everything

Whether that’s work, school, a relationship – do everything with meaning and with purpose. Nothing is worth doing if you are going to put half your heart in to it.

Never give up

Many people learn this lesson at a very young age. It sets the foundation for everything you do. Everyone makes mistakes but giving up will be the biggest mistake you will make. Get up, dust yourself off and go in for round two (or three).

Admit mistakes

Own up! Linking to the above, you can’t move on from something if you don’t own it. Own your mistakes, see how they help you grow and do just that, grow and move on!

Be adventurous

I mean this in the literal sense, travel far and wide and never stop travelling. After living in the Middle East, this lesson really struck me. I had the bug and I love my nest but I need to experience new things regularly. This can also be more general, being daring and adventurous in everyday life can bring some pretty good things along.

Honesty above all

I think this is the most important one. It links to all the points really. Be honest – with others and more importantly with yourself. It’s hard to tell people what will make them happy but I think honesty is one of the key elements to happiness.

What have your parents taught you?

T x


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